Anna, don't disappear

by Red Nightfall

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released January 11, 2017

All songs written by Red Nightfall

Red Nightfall is Addison Siemko, Patrick Illian, and Jason McLean

Produced by Jason McLean

Engineered and mixed by Daniel L. Miotto. Drums, bass, guitars (except Ballad and Tuxedo M.) and vocals for Marian recorded at River 16. Additional piano recordings for Navi done at QEP Black Box Oakville. All other instruments and vocals recorded at Studio VIII

Additional engineering by Sydney Galbraith. Piano, additional bass for St. Petersburg, and Fender Rhodes recorded at Desert Fish Studios

Mastered by Sage Kim at The Lacquer Channel


Addison Siemko - Lead vocals. Piano on Marian, Fog Landscape, Ballad, St. Petersburg, Troika (Solo), Navi, Lise. Piano composition on Interlude. Flute composition on Troika. Fender Rhodes on Troika and Shaker/Heavily. Vocal Samples/Keyboard on Navi.

Patrick Illian – Bass. Backup vocals on Fog Landscape, Shaker/Heavily and Navi. Keyboard on Shaker/Heavily. Tambourine on Troika. Shaker on Shaker/Heavily.

Jason McLean – Guitar, vocals (lead vocals on Troika), glockenspiel, mandolin. Composition for strings, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, erhu, guzheng and additional piano composition on Fog Landscape (Ending), Tuxedo M., Troika (Ending), Shaker/Heavily, Navi (background).

Daniel L. Miotto – Additional production. Performed shaker and omnichord on Ballad and synth on Tuxedo M. and Navi.

Welland Sin – Drum composition. Performed drums on Marian, Fog Landscape, Ballad, St. Petersburg, and Shaker/Heavily.

Benjamin Thomas - Performed drums on Troika, Navi (performed and interpreted), Lise, and additional percussion on Ballad.

Thomas Lesnick - Performed drums on Tuxedo M.

Daria Morgacheva - Performed piano on Fog Landscape (Ending), Interlude, Tuxedo M., Troika (Ending), Shaker/Heavily, and Navi (background).

Mike Wark - Performed saxophone on Tuxedo M., and flute on Troika

Amely Zhou - Performed guzheng on Interlude and Ballad, Erhu on Shaker/Heavily and Navi

Edgar Abril - Performed trumpet on Tuxedo M. and Flute on Interlude, Shaker/Heavily.

Karl Silveira - Performed trombone on Tuxedo M.

Raphael Weinroth-Browne - Performed cello on Marian, Fog Landscape, St. Petersburg, Troika, and Navi

Roslyn Green - Performed viola on Fog Landscape, Interlude, Ballad, St. Petersburg, Troika, Shaker/Heavily, and Navi

Shannon Roszell – Performed additional backup vocals on Tuxedo M. and Shaker/Heavily

Ben Lai - Performed Chinese Poem “Chou Mou” on Shaker/Heavily

Live excerpt of the band Humshuttle sampled in Interlude, used with permission.

Heavily contains additional lyrics by William Shakespeare.

Album Cover Design by Rachel Newstadt, based on model photo by Kayla Varley. Additional assistance from Jason McLean, Patrick Illian, Nicole McLean and Chai Smith.



all rights reserved


Red Nightfall Toronto, Ontario

Indie-rock quartet from Toronto, Canada.


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